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Tanzende Kampfläufer

Kommen Sie mit und sehen Sie, wie die Kampfläufer tanzen im Nationalpark Wattenmeer

In May, you can be lucky to experience this special nature phenomenon. When the Ruffs dance for the favour of the females the males raise their black, yellow, red and white feather ruffs and fight with their beaks and feet. The male who wins the middle of the dance space is the most attractive and will mate with most females. The ruffs can be found around the lakes along the sea dike in the Wadden Sea National Park.

We will meet at the Wadden Sea Centre and you drive to the dike lake in your own cars. The Nature Interpreter brings telescopes and tells about the Ruffs and the many other interesting birds, that we can experience in the Wadden Sea National Park. The Nature Interpreter brings coffee and cake for everybody.